Zoanthids are difficult to grow but can be an excellent start for beginners who develops reef aquarium. These corals have separate polyps living together. They are one of the colonial types of corals.

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This coral can live with high or low level aquarium lightings but also need a moderate water movement inside the tank. They are photosynthetic and therefore can survive even without feeding. Feeding them however can be an option especially if you want them to grow faster. It is recommendable that you use something like a brime shrimp. They can also be a good filter coral place for large specimens.

Zoanthid Picture

These corals are easy to reproduce. You can cut individual polyps from the main colonies and then place the pieces on a gravel bed with low water flow. They will attach themselves to pieces of gravel, or, they will superglue themselves to a suitable substrate such as a reef plug.

They can also be attached on live rocks as well as the sand beds in your reef tank. They will grow until the time that they cover the rocks.

There are different colors of this type of corals. There are times they are green, red, orange, pink, and blue. The Blue ones are the rarest.

Zoanthid corals are very toxic. They have palytoxin in their mucus which is a neurotoxin. It can be at times deadly where individuals need to have treatments after exposing themselves to toxicity. It is important to use gloves and eye protection and wash your hands after handling these corals for precautionary measures.

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These corals can be great in nano reef aquarium. Since they are adaptable whether you have a high or low light system, you can place the button polyps in the lower portion of your aquarium.

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