Emerald Crab

Photo taken from nano-reef.com

Photo taken from nano-reef.com

Emerald crab is one of the best crabs you can put in a saltwater  aquarium.  It is known for its scavenging ability.  It will no doubt eat any leftover foods on liverocks and sand.  The Emerald crab also eat bubble algae thus helps in maintaining the cleanliness of an aquarium.  This crab is usually seen in the Caribbean and has nocturnal behaviour.  It is usually found in liverocks resting on its crevices.  It usually comes out at night searching for food.  In an aquarium, as soon as it becomes familiar with its place, it will come out during the day to graze on some algae.

Caution should be taken in taking care of the Emerald crab.  Make sure that there is an abundant food supply for this crab otherwise they will turn their attention to your precious corals as food.  This crab will eat pellets, dried sea weeds and chopped meaty foods such as shrimps.  They are very tolerant to most tank mates.  Do not put puffer fish and other fish eating crabs on your tank if you have this.  Most of all, avoid treating your tank with copper based solutions.  Crabs do not tolerate this kind of medication just like shrimps.

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