Why Nature Aquarium

Nature aquariums are undoubtedly one of the best arts out there. The art is continuously growing, and more aquarium owners are going to this direction. Let me tell you how I started to fell in love with this art.

When I was still working abroad, my office mate sold me his fish bowl .  It contains four platies and three guppies.  It was my first aquarium so to speak and I thought it was easy to manage because of it’s small size.  Unfortunately there was more work on it because I have to clean it everyday in the sense that I have to bring the whole bowl in the bathroom and change the water from there.  It was a real nightmare!

Nature Aquarium

I was not willing to give it up just yet so I tried putting some filter.  I managed to get my hands on a small and simple filter that by the way, cannot be attached on the glass bowl because the bowl was round and the filter is a rectangle.  The filter has to stand half buried in the pebbles.  It did improve the situation a little bit because now I just have to clean the filter everyday instead of the whole bowl.   Nonetheless I still have to clean it every single day.  I have to wash the filter sponge because it gets covered with fish poops overnight.  It was a very tiring job for a fish bowl.

I did more research and fortunately I came across with fish tank cycling concept. It is all about the nitrogen cycle and how can a fish tank come into a balanced state.  I also came across with some aquarist saying that the “bigger is easier to maintain.” So I applied it straight away.  I bought a 10 gallon fish tank for my 4 platies and 3 guppies.

It was nice to see your fish swimming around the new tank and they look very happy.  However, I find the fish, the tank and the pebbles quite really boring to watch.  I did some research again on how to design an aquarium.  I came across with the name “Takashi Amano” the father of nature aquarium.  I was really amazed on how he did his aquascapes and started thinking of making my own.  Something that is all natural, green and alive.

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