Dutch Style Aquascape Design

Dutch Style by Luis Carlos Galarraga

Dutch Style by Luis Carlos Galarraga

Dutch Style is an aquascape design which started in Netherlands during 1930’s.   It focuses on neat rows of plants arranged in a way that will create a depth on the design.  A lot of plant species needs to be used on this design.  This design is more colorful than other planted aquariums.  Plants that are arranged from left to right are referred to as Dutch Streets.  Tall plants covered the background, middle plants are arranged in a way that will serve as a bridge between the carpeting plants to the background plants.  High intensity lighting and regular CO2 fertilization is required to maintain the plants lush growth.  Regular trimming is definitely required to maintain this tank.  Here are some of the most common plants used in this design:

–          Hygrophila

–          Limnophila aquatica

–          Alternanthera reineckii

–          Ammania gracilis

–          Rotala

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  1. Dutch style is one of my favorite and it is included in my infographic on the different style of aquascaping.

    I’m confident you will find my infographic useful.

    Here’s the link:

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