Benefits of Moss Tank

Moss tank is a kind of planted tank that consists of mostly varieties of mosses and is becoming popular to some planted tank hobbyists.  Moss fits best if you want to create a forest like effect or if you want to have a low maintenance foreground plant.

Mosses can also be used in breeding tanks especially for egg layers like tetras who doesn’t take care of thier eggs.  This can also be used as a hiding place for fish fry.  In shrimp tanks, moss is a necessity.  Mosses can be a source of food for the newly born shrimps.  It can also serve as a hiding place for them.

Moss tank could be one of the easiest planted tank that can be created.  Moss can grow in lowlight condition even without CO2.  The only problem with moss is algae that grows with them.   Mosses can be a dirt collector and these wastes can cause algae (please see ways to control algae). I have a couple of pictures here taken last February 2011 in the Philippine Aquafiesta.  One tank consists of pure moss and the other mostly moss.

(Filipinos are becoming more and more creative in making their own nature aquariums)

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  1. Very Nice Work … thanks for sharing

  2. BloggerVince says:

    Can’t believe that moss can upgrade the look of your aquarium…. As I tried to trace the creators of these arts, I think it was owned by Tyrone and Justin.

  3. greenthumb says:

    Well done …very artistic!

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