Benefits of Driftwood in Aquarium

Driftwood is a piece of washed/cured wood that is usually use to create natural look to planted freshwater aquarium. African or Savanna root, African driftwood, Malaysian driftwood and standard driftwood are kinds of driftwood readily available in the market. However, standard driftwood is the most available and economical kind of driftwood.

Driftwood creates a rustic effect on the aesthetic part of
aquascaping. It collides with the color of the fishes thatĀ helps most aquarist to create more artistic nature aquarium design. The state of mimicing the “blackwater” in the Arizona river provides most favorite tropical freshwater aquarium fishes to survive and feel they are in their natural habitat. It also lower the pH level of the water that helps them to be more healthy.

Driftwood is a perfect place to anchor aquatic plants like Java fern, Java moss and even Anubias species. Plants create a vital role to make a magnificent aquascaping. It gives shelter and comfort to small fishes and other sensitive aquarium livestocks.

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