Maxspect LED Lightings an Ideal Lighting System for Marine Tank


60Watts G1 Maxspect lighting system

Maxspect LED lighting system from China is making a great deal of a durable lighting system for marine tanks. It has LEDs that have 3 watts power consumption with color temperature of 10000k-12000k, LEDs that have 30 watts power consumption with color temperature of 16000k-17oook, LEDs with Royal blue light and LED with violet lights.  This kind of lighting system is designed to replace the metal halide. It produces less heat with the same brightness as with metal halides.  The G1 models are more than good enough in an aquarium, but the G2 systems are different.  G2 systems have built in timer, independent controllable light groups, temperature indicator and over temperature indicator.  There is no violet LED in G1 lighting system compared to G2 systems.

Picture below is 60Watts G1 Maxspect lighting system


Model (Semi Chips) Size(CM) 30W White 3w White 3W Blue 1W Violet Temperature LED Independent controller light group Moonlight Same as HQI
G1-60 18x18x4.5 12 6 2 NO No 75W
G2 -110 40x18x4.5 18 14 4 Yes 2 Yes 150W
G2 -160 40x18x4.5 2 14 14 4 Yes 3 Yes 250W
G2-170 80x18x4.5 28 20 8 Yes 3 Yes 150W x2
G2-230 80x18x4.5 4 15 15 8 Yes 4 Yes 250W

Other High End Lighting System

36 in. AquaticLife T5 HO Light Fixture - 6 T5 HO Lamps and 4 Lunar LEDs 36 in. AquaticLife T5 HO Light Fixture – 6 T5 HO Lamps and 4 Lunar LEDs Achieve maximum controlled high-output T5 Lighting under one hood with AquaticLife’s 36 in., 6 T5HO, 4 Lunar lamp systems. Digital programmable lighting controls operate 10,000K, Actinic and LED lunar lights independently for total, 24-hour lighting control. German-made individual lamp reflectors direct maximum output down on your tank. Built-in fans help direct heat away from your aquarium. Ballast disconnects are easy-to-access from the top of the fixture. Adjustable width frame mounts and bulbs are included with each one. Bulbs included: (3) 36 in. T5HO 39W Actinic/Blue Lamps (3) 36 in. T5HO 39W 10,000K (4) 1W Lunar LEDs AquaticLife does not recommend this fixture be placed under a canopy or hood

18 in. AquaVue LED Coral Booster - 28 LED 18 in. AquaVue LED Coral Booster – 28 LED AquaVue LED Coral Boosters power your corals with the deep blue actinic moonlight spectrums they crave. Control how much beneficial light your corals receive with the ability to run the Coral Boosters on timers. How long your lights are on is important and so is their position. Placement where your corals need is easy with the included hanging kit.

48 in. Aqualight Pro Light Fixture - 2 x 250W HQI - 2 x 96W 48 in. Aqualight Pro Light Fixture – 2 x 250W HQI – 2 x 96W Providing your aquarium with the quality, high-intensity lighting it needs has never been easier. The Aqualight Pro from Coralife is the perfect lighting setup for marine and reef aquariums. It combines 10,000k daylight double-ended metal halide lamps, actinic blue compact fluorescents, and Lunar Blue Moon Glow LED lamps all in one simple, easy to set-up fixture. You can simulate a full day’s worth of sunlight right into moonlight with this system – all that fish, corals, and other marine creatures need to feel like they’ve never left the reef. Metal Halide lamps produce a lot of heat. Do not place these lamps directly over anything that could catch fire or melt. 209793

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  1. Nice review. I’m currently using the G2-170 on my tank, and I’m seeing good growth on my SPS corals.

    The G3 will have a dimmer, that’s what I’m look forward to!

  2. BloggerVince says:

    These Maxspect series are really good lighting system for marine tank…:) Highly recommendable if you have corals.

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