6 Highly Recommended Aquarium Substrates

Aquarium substrates are the materials that you are going to use at the bottom of your aquarium tank. It is where the plants grow. If you are planning to have a good nature aquarium, you must consider the substrate that you are going to use because it affects the chemical composition of water, filtration system, aesthetc appeal, and of course the organisms inside your nature aquarium.

Below is a list of highly recommended substrates. Know them well and plan ahead of time, what substrate is best suited for your aquarium.

For Marine Aquarium

Fertilizer Substrate

Beach Sand – the main advantage of beach sand is that, it already contains live micro organisms that are useful for marine life which can hasten the maturity of your marine tank. It’s like transferring a live beach ecosystem inside your aquarium.

However, be sure that you will get the beach sand in non-polluted vicinity. Chemicals can be very fatal for the organisms especially to your fish.

Crushed Coral – this substrate are commonly found in white sand beaches. In some beaches, they form like the peebles of the beach. They are like of the size of gravels but only made up of dead corals. The main advantage of crushed corals is its capability to release calcium which is very helpful in maintaining calcium content inside reef tank.

Coral Sand – there are commercial coral sands  being sold in pet shops. But you can also get a live coral sand in beaches. This kind of sand originally came from corals, but through passage of time, they were crushed  by weathering in the open sea.

For Fresh Water Aquarium

Activated Soil (Commercial Brands) – this substrates are usually processed substrates intentionally made for fresh water aquariums. Activated soils are usually prepared in growing aquatic plants. Though you will have to spend some money on this, activated soils are proven to produce healthier aquatic plants.

Peebles – this is usually commercially made and is not used for planted aquariums. They possess very low nutrient content and the roots of the aquatic plants cannot hold on it. This is only used for aesthetic purposes and best when combined with other substrates to give different aesthetic effect for your aquarium.

River Sand – this substrate is good for aquatic plants. You can get this along the river banks. Just make sure that you get river sand from clean rivers.

Other fine grain commercial substrates – some commercial substrates are only beneficial for aesthetic purposes. Has very low to zero nutrient content and fertilization are highly recommended for this kind of substrate.

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