Types of Marine Aquariums

A. Fish Only Setup

    This is the simplest setup of all.  No need to worry about lights, sand, and nitrates.  All you need is the saltwater and the fish.


B. Fish Only with Live Rocks (FOWLR) setup

     The main objective on this type of aquarium is to have a fish with live rocks as a home and filter.  This does not require great lighting as well.  On the other hand, this can be a good start if you want to venture for a reef tank in the future.


C. Reef Setup

     This setup is most of the time the ultimate goal of Marine aquarists.  To have a setup that is full of colorful corals and fishes.  However, this kind of setup is a lot fuzzier in terms of lights and water quality.   This comes along with expensive equipments and a good study.

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