Scoly Coral

Scoly corals or Scolymia australis are one of the most popular corals in demand in the market because of its unbelievable colors that are found in most reef of Australia.

This type of coral has a private behavior but sometimes two or four centres can occur in one corallites, or sometimes in a separate corallites. They are usually in saucer-shaped with less than 60 mm in diameter and with a blunt saw-like tooth.

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They have different color mixtures, cream, blue and green. Candy apple reds and greens are common. If you have dashes of gray, purple and blue, then you’ve got yourself something unique. They live in the reef environments or on rocky headlands in high latitudes. They live in a low light condition and therefore can be placed in soil zone. They usually feed on planktons.

Scoly or Scolymia australis picture

Latin name: Scolymia australis
Discovered from / Year: Milne Edwards & Haime, 1849
Growth: Circular, slow grower
Degree of difficulty: medium for advanced reefers
Lighting: low (bulb)
Current: low
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