Ricordea florida

Ricordea florida, is a mushroom coral. They are usually found in Carribean seas and they are usually the favorite of many hobbyists. They are in shade of pink, red, purple, green and blue, which makes them look fantastic as they fluoresce under the moon.

They are not very difficult to keep, because they only require less amount of lighting and water parameters. Feeding regularly is good but do not overfeed them because it can lead the water to get foul.

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These corals are not really competitive with other corals. But then again give them enough space to grow to prevent the physical aggression among other species in the tank.

Ricordia florida picture

It is a perfect idea to place them with live rocks. You can use epoxy or even glue to attach them both. Provide them with a proper water flow to wash away the slime and mucus and to keep the water condition in line which can heal them in a matter of week.

Scientific Name : Ricordea florida
Common Names: False Coral, Mushroom coral, Corallimorph
Care Level : Easy (assuming that you have the proper aquarium set up).
pH : 8.1 – 8.4
Temperature : 75°F – 82°F (24°C – 28°C)
Water Hardness : 8° to 12° dH
Calcium : 400 – 420 ppm
Origin / Habitat : Caribbean
Temperament / Behavior : Not aggressive nor competitive. However, do not allow other corals get near them and damage them.
Fragging : Use a razor blade to slice them in half. Cut them and affix them to live rocks..
Food : Phytoplankton and zooplankton.
Light : Normal up to High lighting level due to the zooxanthellae in their tissue.
Water Movement : Avoid too much water flow.

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