Mushroom Corals

Mushroom corals are known to be Corallimorphs or the mushroom anemones. They are tough corals, and is a good addition to your reef aquarium especially if you are a beginner. They have been around with the hobbyists for quite some time. They are easy to maintain by just having a sand substrate, live rocks and an air-stone which is perfect water movement and oxygenation.

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They tolerate a high level of nitrate and other organic compounds. This coral prefer indirect lighting and therefore the use of metal halide or a VHO fluorescent is not really necessary.

Mushroom Corals picture

Mushrooms corals appear in different colors; blue, red, green, brown, purple that often have stripes, spots and mottled colors. They spread over a period of time until they cover the substrate.

Mushroom corals that have long tentacles tend to be aggressive against other corals. This is why it is highly recommended that you give them enough space to grow so that they cannot damage other corals.

Zooxanthellae algae in the mushroom coral can help them provide nutritional requirements from the process of photosynthesis. These corals could also benefits in regular feeding. You can place the mushroom corals in the lower part of your aquarium until the such time that it will open fully after several weeks. If you want to open a large mushroom corals use a lower water movement inside your aquarium.

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