Montastraea sp

Montastraea sp are common corals found almost everywhere worldwide. They are quite small corals that can be up to 50m across and sometimes conical and taller than they are wide. They live in a deep and shady habitat where they form a thick crust. The colonies generally don’t reach a larger size of other corals.

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This kind of coral has a wide range of colour, and the center part commonly have a contrasting colour to the rest of the coral.

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One of the Montastraea Species is the Montastraea annularis, or usually known as boulder star coral that is commonly found in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean. This species complex has long been considered a generalist that exists at depths between 0 and 80 meters that grew into varying colony shapes (heads, columns, plates) in response to differing light conditions.

Other type from the Monstastrea Species is the Faviidae that can be found in the Philippines. These corals are commonly found in lands of Bohol. Cabilao Island. Loon. Philippines.

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