Micromussa sp

Micromussa sp is popular when mentioning about having wonderful and amazing natural colors. They also have different colors such as red, purple, green, orange, blue, rust, brown, pale gray and in pale tan. The colors of the corals could be a combination of two or more colors, while some just have a plain color just as mentioned above. Most of the corals however, have a white or gray ring around the center.

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This coral is also known in many ways, Micro coral, Pineapple Coral, Moon Coral, Brain Coral, Closed Brain Coral and Meat Brain Coral.

Common names for the Micrommusa Corals are Micro Coral, Pineapple Coral, Moon Coral, Brain Coral, Closed Brain Coral, and Meat Brain Coral.

Micromuss sp

Some of the names given are very descriptive names of a captive bred specimens; Japanese Micromussa, Aussie Micromussa, Independence Micromussa, Fire-Red, Toxic Candy, Neon, Smashmouth, Mirco Candy Striped, Trinity, Gent, Pink Lemonade, Pink Floyd, Super Red, Blazing Red, Red & Gold, Passionfruit Micromussa, and more.

These are very eye popping large polyp stony corals and can add a perfect collection to your aquarium. These corals are not difficult to handle, in fact they just need a medium light and a proper/gentle water movement. Giving them a strong light could prevent the polyps to open fully. It is required to feed only once a week because too much feeding could them grows fast.

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Family: Mussidae
Species: Micromussa sp
Micromussa Coral Information: Micromussa comes from a small genus in the Mussidae family There are classified in 3 Micromussa species that are officially recorded at this time and they are M. amakusensis, M. diminuta, and M. minuta.
Difficulty of Care: Easy to maintain.
Potential Problems: They can starve to death in a nitrate free tank, especially without regular feedings.
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