Importance of Water Flow in the Reef Tank

Some of us are wondering how water flow benefits the reef tank.  This aspect in reef tank is often neglected by the newbies.  In this article we will discuss the benefits of having a good water circulation in the reef tank.

1.  It circulates the food for corals.  Though plankton and copods swim in the water column, most of them can evade corals if there is no water flow.

2. It circulates the oxygen in the tank.  Cold water contains little oxygen compared to warmer water.  Through water flow, it brings about the air exchange on the water surface.

3. It can eliminate the waste especially if the water flow is directed towards the filter.


Types or Water Flow

1. Laminar flow- Movement of water from one end to another end of an aquarium

2. Surge – Movement of water from side to side, front to back

3. Turbulent- Water moves in random direction

Among the three types of  water flow, the most desirable is the turbulent.  This can be achieved by putting multiple wave makers or power heads that goes against each direction.


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