Nature aquariums are becoming more and more popular for aquarists and aquarium hobbyists. There are several reasons why they prefer nature aquariums:

  1. Easier to maintain.
  2. Green.
  3. Work of art.
  4. Far more beautiful ordinary aquariums.

NatureAquariums.org is a website built to gather around aquarists and hobbyists who wants to engage in making nature aquariums whether it is for business or for hobby purposes.

NatureAquariums.org provides valuable information about the tools, instructions, techniques and updates in starting up your own nature aquariums. It is basically a one stop shop and community for aquarists and aquarium hobbyists.

There are mainly two kinds of aquariums that we are talking here. One is called the Fresh Water Aquarium and the other one is Marine Aquarium.

The Authors

Vien Olaer is a Computer Engineer by profession. He has the passion for aquascaping and making nature aquariums. It started as a hobby that became an obsession for nature.

Vincent Olaer is a graduate of Accountancy and has a degree of Master of Divinity. He is now a church minister and has the passion on website making. He consider website making as his second profession.

Vien and Vince are twin brothers who combined their efforts, talents and expertise to bring you the best nature aquarium models. Both of them has the passion in bringing together nature aquarists to share their creations to the world.