Walstad Method

Walstad Method is a kind of an aquarium setup made popular by Diana Walstad.  Its ultimate goal is to establish a balanced ecosystem in a fish tank.  The soil provides the right nutrients for the plants and a home to beneficial bacteria which recycle the fish waste.  Here are some of the things that have to be accomplished in a Walstad Method:

–          Excellent plant growth

–          No CO2 fertilization required

–          Very minimal Algae

–          No need to apply fertilizer

–          Add trace elements for fish health

–          Stable environment for fauna

–          Minimal maintenance or less water changes

–          Smell free tank

–          Biofilter comes from the plants itself

The method goes like this.  The beneficial bacteria in the soil will detoxify ammonia and nitrite.  Since it also contains denitrifying bacteria, it will also remove nitrates.  These nitrates are then consumed by plants.  Soil will also release carbonates which will stimulate plant growth.  Fish waste and uneaten food will be converted by the bacteria into a level useable by plants.  This method is not as attractive as the Nature Aquarium and the Dutch Style, but if you want a real natural method, this is the way to go.

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