Planted Tank by Monark

This tank doesn’t offer much because of its small size.  However this tank is using plants that are extraordinary.  The glossostigma on the right is slowly spreading and the hair grass on the left is more dominant.  The Gotu Kola is the featured plant on this tank.  It is one of the medicinal plants that are usually found in ponds and well moist areas.  It contains a specific chemical that can heal wounds, decrease inflammation and lowers blood pressure.  There are more uses of this plant in the medical world.  As seen on this picture, the tank is abundant with CO2 and plants are producing a lot of oxygen bubbles which is a sign of a balanced light, nutrients and carbon dioxide.  Though it doesn’t look like it has fauna but according to the owner, it has small colony of Red Cherry shrimps and one Black Bar Endlers fry.

Tank owned by Monark of

Tank owned by Monark of

Tank:  ADA MINI M tank

Substrate: ADA Amazonia Aquasoil II

Filtration: Eheim 2213
CalAquaLabs Nano Pipes

CO2: GLA Smith regulator
5lb CO2 cylinder
DoAqua Music counter
DoAqua Music deffuser
ADA drop checker


Ferts: Pfertz EIsh

Eleocharis Sp. Bellem
Marsilea Quadrofolia
Hydrocotyle Verticillata
Crypt Parva
Starougyne Sp. 049

Small colonie of RCS
1 Black Bar Endler fry

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