7 Reasons Why Turn Your Aquarium to Nature Aquarium

Using artificial plants seems easier to maintain instead of using real live plants.  Well actually it is easier to set up as well, but that’s just it. Nature aquarium however will give you far more than that.  Some of the reasons are as follows:

1.        Growing live plants inside an aquarium is more exciting especially if successful. If you love to see your plants growing, then for sure you will also love to see your aqua plants growing healthy inside your aquariums. It gives excitement everyday especially when you start to see them blooming inside the fish tank.

2.        It oxygenates the water.  Bubbler is not needed in a planted aquarium.  Plants produce oxygen. If you are a “green advocate”, then nature aquarium is definitely for you.

3.       Plants use nitrates as fertilizer thus reducing causes of algae. One of the main problems of having an ordinary aquarium is controlling the algae. You will only need one or two weeks to see a algae growing uncontrollably inside your aquarium which also makes it to be harder to maintain. The idea of nature aquariums however is to create an ecosystem inside the aquarium where it maintains a balanced ecosystem underneath. Algae then will be controlled inside it since there are organisms that will eat them and some that will produce them.

4.       The plants purify the water. We are not referring for a potable water filter here. We are talking about live filters for your water to stay longer. It’s as simple as this, if you plant a tree, then you get fresh clean air, so as inside your aquarium. If you have real live plants inside it, you get cleaner water for your fish.

5.       Plants serve as filter in some ways. As we have said earlier, it becomes some sort of a filter. But it does not only make the water more fresh, the nutrients consumptions of plants coming from the fish’s feces will maintain control of the pollution inside.

6.       If you’re a plant lover but do not have a backyard, this is another outlet to your hobby. You love planting, but you have no place to plant, why not the aquarium? And this time, you will not only deal with ordinary plants, but you will be working on some rare plants, live water plants.

7.       Planted aquariums can look very stunning if properly arranged.  Nature aquarium is a work of art. It can be an art of miniature landscaping, or creating a scenic nature view inside a small tank.

Creating a planted aquarium is really easy if done properly.  In fact it is very addictive and one could end up with multiple tanks if budget and space permits.

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