Xenia Coral



Xenia Coral is one of the easiest coral to have in an aquarium.  However, it has a reputation of suddenly dying and are quite sensitive to shipping.  Though most of these corals can tolerate wide range of water conditions,  but others do not.   Xenia can also adapt to a wide range of light intensity but it prefers the intense one.  Metal Halides and high intensity LED are the best lighting nowadays so you might consider getting one of those.  Most of the time, the pulsing ability of this coral depends on the water flow.  These corals are not aggressive at all.  However, this coral can be a nuisance in the tank with SPS because xenia grows very fast especially when healthy.  It can invade the tank in just a few months.  These corals can release toxins when dying so make sure to remove them before it dies.

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