104 Gallon Reef Aquarium

Making and maintaining a reef aquarium is not easy. In fact, it is quite tedious to setup and it takes a lot of patience before you see the result. You will start to appreciate its beauty once you see the corals starts growing and Coralline starts giving pinkish color to the corals. Getting a mixture […]

Emerald Crab

Emerald crab is one of the best crabs you can put in a saltwater  aquarium.  It is known for its scavenging ability.  It will no doubt eat any leftover foods on liverocks and sand.  The Emerald crab also eat bubble algae thus helps in maintaining the cleanliness of an aquarium.  This crab is usually seen in the Caribbean […]

Importance of Water Flow in the Reef Tank

Some of us are wondering how water flow benefits the reef tank.  This aspect in reef tank is often neglected by the newbies.  In this article we will discuss the benefits of having a good water circulation in the reef tank. 1.  It circulates the food for corals.  Though plankton and copods swim in the […]

Steps in Starting a Marine Tank

Put the water to the tank (RO better) then put some saltmix to achieve proper salinity. Make sure you aerate the water and let the pump run for at least 3 days to properly dissolve the salt. Add live rocks then add sand.  Live rocks go in the tank first then sand so that the […]

Things You Will Need to Setup Basic Marine Tank

Aquarium and aquarium stand In Marine tanks, the bigger is always the better.  It is easier to maintain and the water parameters does not fluctuate easily compared to smaller tanks.  Of course the bigger the tank, the more expensive it is to setup.    You really have to consider your budget in selecting the size […]

Types of Marine Aquariums

A. Fish Only Setup     This is the simplest setup of all.  No need to worry about lights, sand, and nitrates.  All you need is the saltwater and the fish.   B. Fish Only with Live Rocks (FOWLR) setup      The main objective on this type of aquarium is to have a fish with live […]

Saltwater Aquarium Setup

This is one of our Saltwater Aquarium Setup. I hope you will like it. The actual view of this kind of aquarium is very relaxing to the eye and it can still the soul. If you have an aquarium like this one, feel free to send a picture and the details of how you set […]