Saltwater Aquarium Setup

This is one of our Saltwater Aquarium Setup. I hope you will like it. The actual view of this kind of aquarium is very relaxing to the eye and it can still the soul. If you have an aquarium like this one, feel free to send a picture and the details of how you set […]

What Is Coral Fragging and Its Benefits

Help Save The Environment Through Coral Fragging Before discussing the coral propagation, let us discuss first what coral is. Corals are marine organisms in class of Anthozoa living in compact colonies. The group includes important reef builders that inhabit tropical oceans and also they secrete calcium carbonate to form a hard skeleton. They have many […]

Modding Your Queen Turbo Skimmer

Making the most out of your cheap protein skimmer and have it live a little longer There are lot’s of brand of protein skimmers out there in the market.  Some of them are good some are not and some are crappy.  One of the most avoided skimmers of the hobbyists is the turbo queen skimmer.  […]

Breeding Clownfish Successfully

I have here a very simple guide in breeding Clownfish. In my previous article, you have known some facts about Clown fish. Today, I will give you tips on breeding your clown fish especially if you are looking forward to make some money by selling it.   1. Breeding Pair of Clownfish In order to […]

Learn From Takashi Amano

Takashi Amano is a known nature photographer who have this extraordinary passion in setting up the miniature of  his art by making nature aquarium. Below is demo he made along with his assistants. I can’t understand what they are saying but if you understand them, feel free to post your translations below. 🙂 Some key […]

The Secret of Aquarium Maintenance

The traditional way of aquarium maintenance is very tedious.  It requires a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of patience.   Usually, most people give up the hobby because of the traditional way maintaining the aquarium.  Here is the process that one needs to undergo if they want to clean the aquarium […]

11 Ways to Control Algae

Algae are a plant like organisms that requires 3 things; light, water and nutrients. It is for a fact that algae exist in every single aquarium. It is a sign of a healthy and aquarium. However, in excessive amount, this tends to be a headache for most aquarists. On this article we will learn the […]