Freshwater Aquarium Shrimps For Your Nature Aquarium

Freshwater aquarium shrimps are very useful in nature aquariums. They give some essential benefits that can make your fresh water aquarium move to a higher level of hobby. Breeding and using shrimps in aquarium has become popular when Takashi Amano a renowned photographer and aquarist used Caridina multidentata in his aquarium projects. Since then many […]

Red Cherry Shrimp

The Red Cherry shrimp is the result of selective breeding of Neocaridina heteropoda.  It started in Germany and later spread in the US.  This shrimp is very undemanding and will actively breed in ideal conditions.  It is advisable to put this shrimp in an aquarium or planted tank without predators. These shrimps are also algae […]

10 Highly Recommended Fishes For Planted Aquariums

There are several fishes that are recommended for planted aquariums.  These fishes have proven to be very nice and effective in planted tanks.  They don’t rearrange the aquariums and most often they swim together.  There are times; they breed naturally in planted tanks especially when conditions are right.   They stay small in size and are […]

How To Set Up Your Own Fresh Water Nature Aquarium

Setting up an aquarium is no easy task. For others, it takes more than just putting water to the aquarium, attach the filter and put the fish. What we are going to discuss is how to setup a nature aquarium in a cheaper way. Other aquarist might have a different method but it is almost […]

Real Plants vs Artificial Plants

Many aquarists are having disagreement whether to use artificial plants or real plants.  Some say that artificial plants are better than real plants while others raise their brows and say real plants are better.  In this case, let’s start comparing each. Real Plants Pros: 1.       Real plants gives off oxygen during daylight 2.       While releasing […]

10 Common Aquatic Plants Used in Aquascaping

Here are some of the most commonly used aquatic plants in aquascaping. 1.       Riccia Fluitans: This is a floating plant.  Used generally as foreground plant in aquascaping by tying it on a stone or driftwood.  The real beauty of this plant can be seen when there is an abundant source of light and lots of […]

7 Reasons Why Turn Your Aquarium to Nature Aquarium

Using artificial plants seems easier to maintain instead of using real live plants.  Well actually it is easier to set up as well, but that’s just it. Nature aquarium however will give you far more than that.  Some of the reasons are as follows: 1.        Growing live plants inside an aquarium is more exciting especially […]