Walstad Method

Walstad Method is a kind of an aquarium setup made popular by Diana Walstad.  Its ultimate goal is to establish a balanced ecosystem in a fish tank.  The soil provides the right nutrients for the plants and a home to beneficial bacteria which recycle the fish waste.  Here are some of the things that have […]

Dutch Style Aquascape Design

Dutch Style is an aquascape design which started in Netherlands during 1930’s.   It focuses on neat rows of plants arranged in a way that will create a depth on the design.  A lot of plant species needs to be used on this design.  This design is more colorful than other planted aquariums.  Plants that are […]

IAPLC top 200: “Journey Begins” by Edgardo Villagracia

The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest also known as IAPLC is one of the most prestigious competition for the aquatic gardeners all around the world.  It receives more than a thousand entries each year from 55 countries.  There is no entry fee on this contest so this is open to everybody.  The entry needs to meet the […]

Planted Tank by Monark

This tank doesn’t offer much because of its small size.  However this tank is using plants that are extraordinary.  The glossostigma on the right is slowly spreading and the hair grass on the left is more dominant.  The Gotu Kola is the featured plant on this tank.  It is one of the medicinal plants that are usually […]

Benefits of Driftwood in Aquarium

Driftwood is a piece of washed/cured wood that is usually use to create natural look to planted freshwater aquarium. African or Savanna root, African driftwood, Malaysian driftwood and standard driftwood are kinds of driftwood readily available in the market. However, standard driftwood is the most available and economical kind of driftwood. Driftwood creates a rustic […]

CO2 Fertilization

In the previous article we have discussed the importance of CO2 fertilization.  We also have discussed the methods on how to dissolve the CO2 in the water.  But where can we get CO2 if the commercial CO2 are not locally available?  There are 3 other ways on how to fertilize the aquarium with CO2.  Though […]

Benefits of Moss Tank

Moss tank is a kind of planted tank that consists of mostly varieties of mosses and is becoming popular to some planted tank hobbyists.  Moss fits best if you want to create a forest like effect or if you want to have a low maintenance foreground plant. Mosses can also be used in breeding tanks especially for […]