Montastraea sp

Montastraea sp are common corals found almost everywhere worldwide. They are quite small corals that can be up to 50m across and sometimes conical and taller than they are wide. They live in a deep and shady habitat where they form a thick crust. The colonies generally don’t reach a larger size of other corals. […]

Mushroom Corals

Mushroom corals are known to be Corallimorphs or the mushroom anemones. They are tough corals, and is a good addition to your reef aquarium especially if you are a beginner. They have been around with the hobbyists for quite some time. They are easy to maintain by just having a sand substrate, live rocks and […]

Ricordea florida

Ricordea florida, is a mushroom coral. They are usually found in Carribean seas and they are usually the favorite of many hobbyists. They are in shade of pink, red, purple, green and blue, which makes them look fantastic as they fluoresce under the moon. They are not very difficult to keep, because they only require […]

Scoly Coral

Scoly corals or Scolymia australis are one of the most popular corals in demand in the market because of its unbelievable colors that are found in most reef of Australia. This type of coral has a private behavior but sometimes two or four centres can occur in one corallites, or sometimes in a separate corallites. […]


Zoanthids are difficult to grow but can be an excellent start for beginners who develops reef aquarium. These corals have separate polyps living together. They are one of the colonial types of corals. Get the Blue Rare Zoanthids here <== This coral can live with high or low level aquarium lightings but also need a moderate […]

Corals for Picotopes

Most people avoid getting a picotope.   This is because picotopes are harder to maintain than the bigger tanks.  Harder because a slight change can affect the water parameters big time.  In terms of reef tank, picotope can be quite challenging.  The secrets in having a pico reef lies on how well you maintain your water […]

Importance of Coral Fragging

Help Save Nature Through Coral Fragging and Propagation and Make a Business In the Process Coral are marine organisms in class of Anthozoa that is typically living in compact colonies of identical polyps. They secrete calcium carbonate, which is a common substance found in rocks, to form a hard skeleton. In the previous post, we […]