Toadstool Mushroom Leather Coral

  The Toadstool Mushroom Leather Coral is one of the easier coral to maintain in an aquarium.  Though they come in various shades of color, it is difficult to identify each species because all leather corals have lots of similarities.  They usually look like they were folded as they grow older.  This coral is generally […]

Xenia Coral

Xenia Coral is one of the easiest coral to have in an aquarium.  However, it has a reputation of suddenly dying and are quite sensitive to shipping.  Though most of these corals can tolerate wide range of water conditions,  but others do not.   Xenia can also adapt to a wide range of light intensity but […]

Short Tentacle Plate Coral

This Short Tentacle Plate Coral is a large polyp stony (LPS) coral often referred to as a Chinaman, Fungia Plate, Disk or Tongue Coral. It comes in a variety of colors, some very bright. It is a very hardy coral and do not require intense lighting nor water flow.  This coral is very good for […]

20K Leagues Lokani Coral

The 20K Leagues Lokani comes in three coloration.  Blue Turquoise and Green.  This require a little TLC in terms of water condition and is semi aggressive.  Lighting requirements is high so make sure you get the best lighting you can get.  Since this is an SPS, trace elements is very important especially the calcium supplement. This is a […]

Red Digitata Coral

This coral is perfect for hobbyist who wants a shortcut in taking care of SPS corals.  They appear to be soft when the polyps are extended.  This coral is not very sensitive and is tolerant to various water conditions which suits best the beginner and intermediate hobbyist.  Montipora digitata  species comes with different colors.  Multi colored […]


Frogspawn is one of the largest stony coral which is usually known as Wall, Grapes, Octopus or Honey Coral. The polyp of the Frogspawn remains visible in day or night. But its sweeper tentacles can reach up to 6 inches during night time. The school of fish can lay their egg or eggs on the […]

Micromussa sp

Micromussa sp is popular when mentioning about having wonderful and amazing natural colors. They also have different colors such as red, purple, green, orange, blue, rust, brown, pale gray and in pale tan. The colors of the corals could be a combination of two or more colors, while some just have a plain color just […]