Narrow Leaf Java Fern

Narrow Leaf Java Fern is (Microsorium pteropus var.) is just another variety of Java Fern.  Usually found in South East Asia with a narrower and thinner leaves.  The same growth condition is required and is a very good plant for beginner.  It does not require CO2 nor special lightings.  This fern is also known as […]

Pogostemon helferi

Pogostemon helferi known as Downoi is one of the most beautiful foreground plant you can buy in the market nowadays.  This plant is quite expensive and rare in fish stores due to it’s sensitivity during shipment.  Most of the time, you can only buy this from some hobbyists and is definitely pricey compared to other […]

How To Choose the Right Aquatic Plants

Looking for a good source of aquatic plants is hard to find.  Most of the time, you cannot find all of the aquatic plants you are looking for in one local fish shop.  Some of the shops don’t even know what a nature aquarium is and what a planted tank is.  The salesman will usually […]

Real Plants vs Artificial Plants

Many aquarists are having disagreement whether to use artificial plants or real plants.  Some say that artificial plants are better than real plants while others raise their brows and say real plants are better.  In this case, let’s start comparing each. Real Plants Pros: 1.       Real plants gives off oxygen during daylight 2.       While releasing […]

10 Common Aquatic Plants Used in Aquascaping

Here are some of the most commonly used aquatic plants in aquascaping. 1.       Riccia Fluitans: This is a floating plant.  Used generally as foreground plant in aquascaping by tying it on a stone or driftwood.  The real beauty of this plant can be seen when there is an abundant source of light and lots of […]