Modding Your Queen Turbo Skimmer

Making the most out of your cheap protein skimmer and have it live a little longer There are lot’s of brand of protein skimmers out there in the market.  Some of them are good some are not and some are crappy.  One of the most avoided skimmers of the hobbyists is the turbo queen skimmer.  […]

Benefits of Moss Tank

Moss tank is a kind of planted tank that consists of mostly varieties of mosses and is becoming popular to some planted tank hobbyists.  Moss fits best if you want to create a forest like effect or if you want to have a low maintenance foreground plant. Mosses can also be used in breeding tanks especially for […]

Maxspect LED Lightings an Ideal Lighting System for Marine Tank

  60Watts G1 Maxspect lighting system Maxspect LED lighting system from China is making a great deal of a durable lighting system for marine tanks. It has LEDs that have 3 watts power consumption with color temperature of 10000k-12000k, LEDs that have 30 watts power consumption with color temperature of 16000k-17oook, LEDs with Royal blue light and LED with violet […]

Qualities of a Good Fish Tank

There are different kinds of fish tanks you can find in the market nowadays. Some have built-in filtration systems, some are plain rimless tanks and some are all in one tanks. The question is which of them is the best tank? This is a hard question especially if you don’t consider a few things in […]

7 Benefits of Using Live Rocks For Your Salt Water Aquarium

You might be puzzled right now why in the world you need to use a live rock for your salt water aquarium when you can just use sand as a substrate. Live rocks do add some ornamental value in your aquarium, but more than that, I listed here the actual benefits that you will get […]

Caridina multidentata The Algae Eater Amano Shrimp

If you are really looking for a algae-hungry creature, this shrimp can be a good choice for you to control algae inside your nature aquarium. It is has a translucent body covered with reddish brown dots on their sides which looks like broken lines. It eyes are black and it has a white stripe running […]

Takashi Amano Father of Nature Aquariums

Whenever we talk about nature aquarium, we can’t help but to also talk about Takashi Amano. Takashi Amano is a known designer, photographer, and aquarist. He was considered to be the father of nature aquariums. Born in 1954 in Niigata, Japan, Takashi was born with extra ordinary photography and artistic gifts. He traveled around the […]