Reef Octopus BH90 Hang On the Back Protein Skimmer

Previously we have reviewed the Resun SK 300 Skimmer which is also hang on the back and fits quite nicely on nano tanks especially on 15 gallon tanks and below.  Unfortunately that Resun HOB skimmer is rated only for a maximum of 25 gallon; I used it on my 35 gallon tank which leads me […]

Lightings for Aquarium

Lightings for Aquariums There are many people asking “what would be the best lighting for my aquarium?  The answer is, this depends on the type of aquarium setup that you have.  For both freshwater and marine tanks that does not have plants or corals, Just about any lights will do.  Freshwater tanks most of the […]

Benefits of Driftwood in Aquarium

Driftwood is a piece of washed/cured wood that is usually use to create natural look to planted freshwater aquarium. African or Savanna root, African driftwood, Malaysian driftwood and standard driftwood are kinds of driftwood readily available in the market. However, standard driftwood is the most available and economical kind of driftwood. Driftwood creates a rustic […]

How Does External Canister Filter Work?

External canister filter is a type of aquarium filter removing water from fish tank through an intake tube, then passes through different filter media inside a canister, then pumped back filtered aquarium water into fish tank through spray bar or spill way. It can be used in saltwater or freshwater aquariums.  Most of them provides […]

Orphek LED Lighting for Reef Aquarium

Orphek is a company devoted to producing better-quality of LED lighting with unmatched excellence and customer service. It is the only LED light manufacturer that has engineered their own diodes and still continues to improve. Made specifically for horticulture, greenhouse and coral reef aquarium lighting respectively, they believe and have the spectrographic data to provide […]

Resun SK300 Skimmer

Looking for a skimmer for a nano tank is not that easy.  Most of the efficient skimmers are huge and fits quite ugly inside the tank which gives you no option but to have sump.  There are 2 skimmers that I have used so far and both are efficient.  The first one is the Reef […]

What Is Coral Fragging and Its Benefits

Help Save The Environment Through Coral Fragging Before discussing the coral propagation, let us discuss first what coral is. Corals are marine organisms in class of Anthozoa living in compact colonies. The group includes important reef builders that inhabit tropical oceans and also they secrete calcium carbonate to form a hard skeleton. They have many […]