Narrow Leaf Java Fern

Photo taken from

Photo taken from

Narrow Leaf Java Fern is (Microsorium pteropus var.) is just another variety of Java Fern.  Usually found in South East Asia with a narrower and thinner leaves.  The same growth condition is required and is a very good plant for beginner.  It does not require CO2 nor special lightings.  This fern is also known as the Needle Leaf Java Fern.

This plant is highly adaptable to various kinds of water conditions. Though this plant can survive and grow slow in a low light condition without CO2, a dramatic change can however be seen in a highlight planted aquarium with CO2 fertilization.  It grows moderately faster in ideal water parameters.  Small plantlets can grow on older leaves and can be replanted.  You can also propagate this plant by cutting its rhizomes and tying it to a driftwood or rock.

This plant can be placed on driftwood and can complement the roundness of glossostigma and anubias infront.  It can be used as a background and a middle ground plant in an aquarium. Really good plant and very versatile.

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