Aquarium Guides

Here’s a list of Aquarium Guides that you may want to have to build your own nature aquarium whether  it is a saltwater aquarium or freshwater aquarium.


Ultimate Secrets to Saltwater Fish and Invertebrates

The ultimate guide to keeping happy,healthy marine life (fish, corals and other invertebrates) and how to optimally set up a saltwater aquarium and maintain a pristine environment for your pets.

Here’s what you will learn from this guide:

Section 1: Setting up a Saltwater Aquarium
Section 2: Creating a Perfect Environment
Section 3: Popular Marine Fish Species Information
Section 4: Corals and Invertebrates
Section 5: Fish Diseases and Health
Section 6: Tank and Fish Troubleshooting


Tropical Fish Guide

The 5 Secrets for Optimizing Your Tank
Feeding Tips Your Fish Dealer Isn’t Telling You
Power Foods And The Perfect Diet
Why The Nitrogen Cycle In Your Tank Is Crucial
The 4 Water Quality Factors You Need To Know
How To Detect And Protect From ‘Clownfish Disease’
The Do’s And Don’t Of Mixing Clownfish Species
The Unbelievable Truth About Your Clownfish’s Gender
The Secrets To Getting Your Clownfish To Breed
Essential Care For Fry After They Hatch
Tips For Controlling Aggression As They Mature
A Look At All 28 Varieties Of Clownfish
Why The Right Sand And Rock Combo Is So Critical
Why Happy Clown Fish Means A Happy You

Definitive guide to everything you need to know about Tropical Fish. Plus 2 great bonus books! Here are just some of the things that you will learn from this guide:

  • What type of aquarium is best for YOU–saltwater or freshwater.
  • A little-understood secret that will keep the water in your aquarium crystal clear.
  • 3 easy steps you need to do every day—that prevent BIG problems down the road.
  • The 6 special rules you NEED know to prevent you from accidently killing your fish! Look, fish don’t live forever but you don’t have to end their lives prematurely. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your kids cry as you flush their favorite fish down the toilet — especially when it’s your fault! Learn this basic information or suffer the consequences.
  • The number one thing you need to do before you set up your new aquarium.
  • How to buy the best fish–6 things to look for when stocking your aquarium.


Cichlid GuideCichlid Secrets

Secret tips for keeping healthy and bright Cichlids.

Things to Learn:

  • Picking the Right Cichlids and Tank Mates.
    Properly Cycling Your Tank.
    How to Manage Water Conditions … When you learn this it will make cichlid keeping 90% easier.
    Feeding Your Cichlids the Right Food.
    How to Set Up Your Fish Tank the Right Way.
    Learn to Identify and Encourage Breeding.
    How to Properly Care for Cichlid Fry.
    Learn How You Can Save Loads of Money on The Equipment, Tanks, Decorations and More.

Betta Fish Guide Betta Fish Guide

The secrets of having cheerful, peppy, and long-lived Betta Fish… Without having to spend a lot of cash… and without ever having to do much work! Here are some real nice things that you will learn from this aquarium guide for Betta fish:

  • The ideal water temperature, thoroughly tested by 27 expert breeders, to keep a betta’s tank. Water temperature is extremely important. It can make your fish lively (not sluggish) and even keep destructive bacteria to a minimum so that your Betta is happy and healthy. I also reveal how you can keep the water temperature at that ideal level. (Page 24.)
  • When you put a betta into a brand new tank, there can often be high levels of ammonia build-up, which makes your fish sick. You’ll learn how to avoid that, using my very private “seeding” method. (Page 25)
  • Good news: despite what you might have heard, bettas don’t necessarily have to live by themselves, as long as you follow these 9 rules. (Page 22)
  • You an even have two males in the same tank together (and they won’t fight with each other!) under these special conditions. (Page 21)
  • Learn what the best food is to give your betta and why. You’ll also learn what treats should only be given in moderation. You won’t need to worry anymore about whether you’re feeding your betta nourishing foods, since you’ll know what exactly to do. (Chapter 6)
  • Plus… what to do if your betta won’t eat. Don’t be alarmed. Just follow these two simple steps. (Page 32)


Arowana Secrets Revealed! – The leading guide to all things Arowana

Expose Your Arowana’s TRUE COLORS… using the SIMPLEST but MOST EFFECTIVE techniques! Here just some of the things that you will learn from this aquarium guide:

11 guidelines to follow when choosing an Arowana –  Know how to tell a champion in the making and never buy a flawed Arowana ever again.

How to differentiate between the sought after Asian Arowana and the cheaper South American and Australian varieties so you don’t get cheated!

Grooming tips to bring out the championship shine in your Arowana – what you need to know about color, dimensions, blemishes, uniqueness, personality and age in your Arowana.

What you need to know when setting up your Arowana tank – living conditions, choice of fish tank, filtration, aeration and decorations

What you need to know about keeping a few Arowanas in a community tank.