Resun SK300 Skimmer

Looking for a skimmer for a nano tank is not that easy.  Most of the efficient skimmers are huge and fits quite ugly inside the tank which gives you no option but to have sump.  There are 2 skimmers that I have used so far and both are efficient.  The first one is the Reef Octopus and the other one is Resun SK300 Skimmer.  Both skimmers are quite effective and definitely  it can fit quite nicely in all in one tanks. On this article we will review the  Resun SK300 Hang on the back Skimmer.

Features and Specs of Resun SK300 skimmer


•Mini Needle Wheel Hand on skimmer
•Provides a better micro bubble
•Easy to adjustable for super cups
•All in one design, include air inlet valve seat / adjustable water flow rate as high value skimmer
•Hang one Design

•Power 220V-240V 50Hz
•Power 3.5W
•Max Flow Rate :300L/H
•Max Tank Size : 95Litres or below
•Size:  90x50x220mm

Below is the picture of the tank in action:

As you can see the, there is no doubt that this skimmer is quite effective and efficient.  One thing I really liked with this skimmer is the micro bubbles it produce.  Because of the needle wheel, the air it sucks from the air line tube is further broken down into pieces.  The sponge is in placed to filter out the excess microbubbles thus minimizing the amount that goes into tank.  Another thing I observed with this skimmer that I think has the edge compared to others is the sound it produce.  You can barely hear the sound of the created by sucking the air going to the skimmer pump.  The best part is on this skimmer is the price.  The skimmer is quite cheap (100AED/P1250/$30).

The bad part of this skimmer is that, the cup for the skimmate is very small.  You will have to clean it up every 2 days.  One thing that they could have done better is to design a skimmer that really hangs on the back outside the tank and create a hole in the skimmate cup so the excess skimmate can be directed into another container.


This skimmer is quite effective and efficiency is enhanced because of the needle wheel.  If you are looking for a cheap effective skimmer for a nano tank or for a small all in one tank, this skimmer is one of the best.  It’s effectiveness comes with a price of cleaning the skimmate cup quite often.

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