Qualities of a Good Fish Tank

There are different kinds of fish tanks you can find in the market nowadays. Some have built-in filtration systems, some are plain rimless tanks and some are all in one tanks. The question is which of them is the best tank? This is a hard question especially if you don’t consider a few things in choosing your own display tank. Most of the experienced hobbyist prefers to have a customized tank rather than buying an all in one tank. On the other hand, most newbie’s in the hobby would like to buy the all in one tank. Here are some few things to consider in choosing the best tank for you.

Aquarium Tank

Put subtrate in your aquarium.

  1. Consider an aquarium built with tempered glass or an acrylic glass instead of ordinary glass aquariums you can buy in the local fish stores. The tempered glass is usually strong and can handle a huge amount of water. The acrylic glass on the other hand is also strong and a clearer than that of the tempered glass. The only problem is, it can be scratched. Provided you are careful in cleaning the tank, acrylic glass will be the best choice. Avoid buying aquariums made of ordinary glass because they break easily.
  2. If you are opting for a display tank in the living room, the popular rimless tank is one of the best choices you can have. Compared to those with rims, you can have more view of your tank from top to bottom. I’m not saying those with rims are not a good choice but the rimless tank is exceptionally neat to look at especially if proper maintenance is provided.
  3. Good aquariums have good lightings. Please do not create an aquarium if you cannot provide a good lighting system. This will allow you to see and appreciate the fruits of your labor. The lighting system doesn’t need to be very expensive especially in fish only tanks. DIY lighting systems are good enough. For planted tank and marine tank, correct spectrum and intensity is very important.
  4. Good filtrations system. Different types of filtration system were discussed in my other article. The best choice of filtration system would be the one that would contain mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. Mechanical filtration will filter the large debris in the water. It will polish your water making it crystal clear. Chemical filtration will filter unwanted chemicals and discoloration in the water. Usually chemical filtration uses activated carbon as a filter media. Biological filtration is the heart of your aquarium. Without this, your aquarium ecosystem will crash. Bio balls and bio rings are the usual filtration media that is used for this purpose.

In summary, whether or not your aquarium is an all in one system, it is very important to consider the type of glass used in the aquarium, the lighting system and the filtration system.

Premium Aquariums Available

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