Orphek LED Lighting for Reef Aquarium

Orphek is a company devoted to producing better-quality of LED lighting with unmatched excellence and customer service. It is the only LED light manufacturer that has engineered their own diodes and still continues to improve. Made specifically for horticulture, greenhouse and coral reef aquarium lighting respectively, they believe and have the spectrographic data to provide evidence that the diodes of the company are superior to any other diodes on the market. Not like the less than optimal spectral curve, wasted energy and inferior color rendering of Cree and other emitters, their diodes are truly full spectrum with high Kelvin and CRI ratings and emit an efficient and high-PUR spectral curve for photosynthetic organisms. They are also the only company that offers a true UV/Violet diode (380-420nm) for the most astonishing fluorescence you’ll ever see in coral! Orphek is an international company with offices and representatives in over a dozen countries.

Orphek reef aquarium LED lighting is developed by engineers and marine biologists after two years of research that is spectrally superior, more well-organized in terms of electrical consumption to PUR output, and emits a superior percentage of light as photo synthetically useable radiation than do the Cree or Luxeon diodes offered by other LED fixtures. The diode is driven by high quality, constant-current electronics which put a stop to spectral shift and allow for a very well modulated light output.

Orphek Aquarium LED Lighting

 They then outfit the diodes with a lens from a highly developed optical company that very much reduces water surface refraction and reflection so that more light makes it to your coral. The Orphek Power Reef aquarium led lighting system uses an advanced built in dissipation heat device -a heat sink with a plurality of cavities, totally sealed, suitable for heat dissipation, specially designed to steer clear of the use of ventilators, and to protect the LEDS, extending the life of the system. The unit is also rugged, having been designed with resistant aluminum and acrylic materials, it is absolutely sealed not allowing any passage of water and protected against rust, shock and vibration.

Get 24 Inch Orphek Power Reef PR156 LED Light Fixture – Black

They are also CE RoSH certified and it has a unique design, specially engineered for coral reef growth in aquarium. It works quietly and it is environmental friendly. It doesn’t make the temperature of the aquarium go up, so there is no need for heat-removal equipment and it helps keep your home electric bill in check. They have the highest excellence of LED light your money can buy. They are the only company that brings you LED reef aquarium lighting with a commitment to quality, inside and out. The lights are made by hand, using diodes that we designed specifically for reef aquariums and coral, and are the only LED lighting company to do so.

The aquarium lighting system is designed with a combination of white and blue Power LEDs that are controlled by timer and it is exclusively developed for hard corals reef aquariums. The timers are built into the power supply, and are fairly feature-rich, with the capacity to control the main lights and the moonlights in a special way in every single day, but most of marine reef aquarium owners are just going to want them to come on and off. All electronics and power supply are ISO 9001:2000 certified, ISO14001:2004 certified, UL certified, and CE certified, and have ROHS safety approval. The power supply and an efficiency of 95% and will operate at 110 or 220 volts.

It uses two high quality digital timers with battery backup. One timer is to control daylight and one timer to control the moonlight. Each one of them having a 16 memory programmable digital LCD display, with the format hour/day/week. Moonlights can be functional to induce spawning in clams, coral, and fish. Orphek’s PR-156 uses four of the blue colored LEDs running at half power as moonlights, and they can be controlled with the timer as well as the main lights, but would have to program manually to follow the moon’s cycle. This way reef hobbyists using more than one Orphek Light Solution can simulate sunrise and sunset.

The dimensions of the lights are in the length of 607mm x Width157mm x High 50mm or in the length of 24 inch x Width 6.1 inch x High 2.0 inch, The input voltage of the light is AC 85V-264V 50/60Hz, Its power is 120w~156w, The LED Quantity is 60pcs, combines 76% of White LEDS and 23% of Blue LEDs, With the color of a White Led 16.000k 160lm, A wavelength of Blue 450nm- 460nm, Working in an environmental temperature of 20 to +50 c degree and Equal to MH/HPS light 250W-400W. The components of the lights of the Orphek are from the housing to the diodes themselves.

The lights are fan cooled and the LEDs are actually being under driven, which means that the fixture runs very cool (cool to the touch), and Orphek says that the LEDs will function extensively well past the typical 50,000 hour operating time (with a 30% luminous decay over 11 years). The propriety diode offers the highest PAR:PUR ratio of any diode on the market, making it the most excellent diode for lighting photosynthetic invertebrates, and the color rendering is noticeably superior to the low Kelvin Cree “white” diodes.

There are no inexpensively made components in any of Orphek’s products. Combined with meticulous attention to detail in terms of inner configuration, cooling, waterproofing, lens design, and more, and you have an LED light that truly will last 10+ years (with minimal luminous decay) operating in a salty, humid environment, and saving you thousands of money in the marine aquarium owner’s electrical bills in the process.

24 Inch Orphek Power Reef PR156 LED Light Fixture – Black

In tests of aquariums 24 inches deep, it has been recorded that one lighting unit could be used for every 36-40 inches in length, and 24-30 inches in width to provide sufficient reef tank lighting. Furthermore the PR-156 is so bright it can be hung quite far from the surface, increasing the spread in a shallow 24 inch deep reef tank.

If you take apart any other LED unit on the market today, you can see that after 2-4 years most will begin corrode, and that all use mass produced, inferior PCBs, drivers, and electronics that will lose efficiency quickly, often losing 30% of light output in just a few years!

Even if the emitters used are high quality and guaranteed to last ten years, does that mean the drivers, power supplies, and PCBs will? Not likely. Orphek guarantee superior quality: from silicon sealing to superior PCBs, under-driven emitters for a vastly increased lifespan at near 100% output, strict heat tolerances, and constant-current electronics, we are committed to quality, inside and out. Quite frankly, we make the highest quality LED aquarium lights money can buy, and are very proud of it.

Their first foray into reef aquarium LED lighting is a resounding success. Their engineers put in the time to build a very high quality light that filled a niche that previously relied on metal halide lighting only, and took it even further by designing their own LEDs that exceed the spectral response of the commonly used diodes in hobby LED fixture. They created a great product. Here’s hoping Orphek puts their awesome ‘Power LED’ in more products soon!

Get 24 Inch Orphek Power Reef PR156 LED Light Fixture – Black

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  1. I had a chance to try the Orphek PR-ML7 Dimmable 4 Blue/3 UV LED Pendant over our 27 gallon nano reef tank, and I must say my Green Toadstool corals love it.

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