Modding Your Queen Turbo Skimmer

Making the most out of your cheap protein skimmer and have it live a little longer

There are lot’s of brand of protein skimmers out there in the market.  Some of them are good some are not and some are crappy.  One of the most avoided skimmers of the hobbyists is the turbo queen skimmer.  Though this skimmer is cheap, this is really not that efficient in removing gunks in your marine tank system.

This particular marine skimmer is powered by a seaquest 2200 power head allowing the flow of water to pass through a venturi valve which is a lot smaller.  I was never satisfied with this skimmer.  Finally came the day that the power head broke.  So i came with the idea of just replacing the power head and experiment on it to make it a lot more efficient.  Here are the things that I did:

1.  Cut the venturi valve of the skimmer

2. Replace the power head with seaquest 600 (lower flowrate) instead of seaquest 2200.

3. Put some teflon to compensate with the space between the power head and the tube where the venturi valve was cut.

4. Insert one end of air hose on the air tube of the power head

5. Insert the other end of the air tubing to an air pump.

6. Adjust the flow valve of the skimmer.

Here’s a picture of how the skimmer works right after the break in period

Protein Skimmer - modded Queen Turbo Skimmer

Modded Queen Turbo Skimmer

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