Caridina multidentata The Algae Eater Amano Shrimp

If you are really looking for a algae-hungry creature, this shrimp can be a good choice for you to control algae inside your nature aquarium. It is has a translucent body covered with reddish brown dots on their sides which looks like broken lines. It eyes are black and it has a white stripe running from head to tail.

Caridina multidentata

Photo by: Filipe Oliveira

Caridina multidentata formerly known as Caridina japonica because it was Takashi Amano who first discovered its great ability in eating algae.

Here are some other known facts about this shrimp:

Common Name: Algae-eater shrimp, Amano shrimp, Japonica

Size: 5cm

Temperature Tolerance: 18-27 ºC, ideal is 24 ºC

Food: Algae, fish food (like flakes)

Kingdom:           Animalia

Phylum:             Arthropoda

Subphylum:      Crustacea

Class:                 Malacostraca

Order:                Decapoda

Suborder:          Pleocyemata

Infraorder:       Caridea

Family:             Atyldae

Genus:              Caradina

Species:            C. multidentata

This Shrimp Is Available

Caridina multidentata Caridina multidentata “Amano Shrimp”These tiny and amusing creatures are great for planted tanks. They will delicately remove and eat algae from your plant’s fragile leaves. They also clean up the surface of the gravel and are generally a lot of fun to watch. They are virtually harmless to fish, and only larger fish may attempt to nibble at them, so be careful with the sort of tankmates that these little guys will be coexisting with. They will pick at leftover food as well as algae. Keep up with your water quality as these shrimp can be sensitive to water conditions. This is a Restricted item and is not covered by our Arrive Alive 5 Day Guarantee.

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