7 Benefits of Using Live Rocks For Your Salt Water Aquarium

You might be puzzled right now why in the world you need to use a live rock for your salt water aquarium when you can just use sand as a substrate.

Live rocks do add some ornamental value in your aquarium, but more than that, I listed here the actual benefits that you will get with live rocks. And I really do hope that you will consider using some after reading this article.

Live Rock with Coraline Algae

Live rock with coraline algae. Photo by: www.fishlore.com

  1. Live Rocks are good biological filters. This is probably the best thing that live rocks can contribute for any salt water aquarium. Beneficial bacteria lives inside its holes and gaps. Fish wastes and uneaten fish foods are trapped in it while these bacteria changes the ammonia and ammonium produced by these wastes into nitrite. Then they will change it into nitrate, then to nitrogen.In short, these bacteria becomes an agent in digesting the harmful chemicals into harmless chemicals for your fish.
  2. Give living quarter for your fishes. Just like human beings, the fishes also look for some living spaces. They want quarters where they can play around, lay their eggs, and keep them from attacks of other fishes. Live rocks does provide it.
  3. Excellent source of food for your fishes and invertebrates. They are not only biological filters, but they can also be a manufacturer of food for your fishes and invertebrates. While other living organisms also exists in live rocks and reproduce, some of these organisms are food of your fishes and invertebrates.
  4. Ornamental value especially when “Coraline Algae” starts to cover it. Coraline algae adds to the ornamental value of your salt water aquarium. Imagine seeing red and pink colors covering the live rock. It’s like putting a carpet on it. It will really make your dull aquarium into a colorful one.
  5. Can be a good substrate for corals. Corals simply love to grow on live rocks. All you have to do is to put them on live rocks. Let them stick to it, and you will see that they will reproduce faster than using other substrate.
  6. More marine life forms can exists in it. Live rocks is a sanctuary for many other micro-organisms in your aquarium. They hasten the life inside your tank, and keep invironment balanced.
  7. Fishes will have better chance to have a better life with live rocks. Having all these benefits, don’t you think that your fish will have a better chance of survival for a longer period of time than you expect?

Are you ready to have a better salt water aquarium? Use live rocks.

Tukani/Totoka Live Rock - 16 lb Box Tukani/Totoka Live Rock – 16 lb Box

Live Rock is used as a base in many saltwater reef or fish-only aquariums. Not only does it provide a more natural appearance than manufactered decorated but it also is populated by living organisms like crustaceans, algaes, and bacteria. These organisms and the minerals that make up the rock itself help to provide stability to the aquarium, give your tank residents a natural environment like that on the natural reefs, and provide a natural source of food for many marine organisms. Every type of live rock has a different appearance depending on the area it was harvested from. These different areas also mean different types of algae and organisms have populated the rock. Tukani and Totoka Live Rock tends to be moderate to larger pieces full of caves and crevices. It has a more open and intricate appearance than other types. Large pieces make excellent “centerpieces”.

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